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San Miguel Real Estate? ABC REALTY | Properties? Farms? Lots? San Miguel de Allende Homes? ABC REALTY: 44 Years with You in San Miguel Real Estate.  

If you are in San Miguel Real Estate Market, looking to Own an Affordable Modern House, an Authentic San Miguel Colonial Home, a Luxury & Unique Residence, an urban Lot in gated community with glorious panoramic views, a Commercial Lot, an Elite Countryside Hideaway or a Developer´s Opportunity… “ABC REALTY” is the right key!  

Dare to Own a Pied-a-Terre in San Miguel De Allende!  One of your Best and Wise Decisions in your live will be to Own a San Miguel Real Estate Property! Unquestionably a Solid Investment! Our Lovely city is a Cultural World Heritage Site of Humanity, Best City in the World. & Capital of Culture in America. 

When you buy a Property in San Miguel de Allende. You Own the Property! You do not need to buy in a trust with a bank. You are able to sell it, to rent it, to donate it (without a Capital Gains in this case) or to trade with another Property all around the World. Yes, since San Miguel has been declared 4 times by prestigious magazines the most beautiful city in the World, many people wants to visit this Magical Enchanting place.

San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, is located in the high east “Sierra Madre” Mountains & Central Mexico. A part of the Charm of this 478 years old community with Spanish Colonial Architecture is the gently sloping streets, historic buildings and surprises around every corner.

“The Jardin” main square, just in front of the Famous “Parroquia” has an altitude of 1,922 meters / 6,305 Ft. above the sea. You could get a Home or a Property in San Miguel from 2,060 meters / 6,758 feet, to 1,850 / 6,070 feet above the sea.  Then you could have and enjoy Spectacular Panoramic Views of all San Miguel or views of our Mountains and the Lake.

San Miguel de Allende is visited by Thousands of Foreigners and Nationals, because it is Enchanting Atmosphere, Architecture, Culture, History, Weather, but principally by his Friendly People. Actually is the home of approximately 20,000 foreigners from all around the World.

You should come, Explore, and Capture the Magic Seductive Spirit of San Miguel de Allende. Take a moment of personal delight and enjoy it!  You will discover how blessed by heaven is this mystic & enchanted town “.

Buying or Selling Real Estate in San Miguel de Allende? Are you ready to Own a Pie-a-Terre?  Buy your San Miguel Home with us. ABC REALTY is the Oldest San Miguel Real Estate Firm, with over 44 Years’ Experience and Knowledge. The Most Professional, Respected, Prestigious & Successful.

Thousands of Satisfied clients cannot be wrong & have chosen ABC REALTY. Why not be the next one?

Are you Buying or Selling REAL ESTATE in San Miguel de Allende?

ABC REALTY: Oldest Real Estate Firm in San Miguel. The Most Professional, Prestigious & Successful.

Thousands of Satisfied clients can’t be wrong & have chosen ABC REALTY. Why not be the next one?

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